Emergency Protocol

Disaster/Emergency Plans

Toddler Daycare North Vancouver

In the event of a disaster, the centre will retain responsibility of all children on the premises until they are released to a parent, guardian, or other designated person. In such instances that call for transportation to an official evacuation centre, staff will remain with the children until all have been reunited with their families.

All staff remain on the premises and assume tasks assigned by the person or persons in charge. Staff may not leave the premises until the same person(s) gives them official permission to do so. Evacuation plans for fires, and earthquakes will be posted on the wall. Listed below are protocols for several emergencies. It is recommended that parents review these with their children and to voice any suggestions or concerns they may have to staff.


  • Fire
  • Earthquake
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Lockdown
  • Missing Child
  • When the smoke alarm rings, the children will exit from either the main exit or the alternative exit (both labelled in maps on wall). The supervisor will follow with the first aid kit
  • Once outside the facility, with the meeting spot being at the front entrance, a headcount will be done to make sure all children are present
  • 911 will be called by the supervisor
  • The children will be taken down the street to Sutherland High school to ensure that they are safe until the emergency is over
  • This will be practiced as a drill at least once a month, so everyone is familiar with the procedure


  • Take cover under a heavy table or solid furniture
  • Face away from windows
  • Assume crash position on knees, head down and hands clasped on back of neck. Cover head with book or jacket if possible
  • Count out loud to 60
  • If indoors, remain there
  • If outdoors, stay away from buildings and powerless
  • Drill will be practiced at least once a year


  • Check for injuries and give first aid if needed
  • Check water, gas and electrical lines. Shut off if damaged. If gas leak detected, open windows and take children outside. Contact 911
  • No use of candles, matches, open flames.
  • Turn on radio and listen to emergency instructions
  • No calls unless necessary

Building Evacuation

  • Make quick assessment of situation
  • Evaluate the evacuation route to ensure safe and clear route
  • Give instructions to evacuate and meet at assembly point (front entrance of house)
  • Assemble children in pairs with a supervisor leading and another following through evacuation
  • Take emergency supplies in easy access kit, medication, important documents including current record of attendance/sign in sheet
  • Account for all staff and children, do a headcount
  • Phone first responders and evaluate the situation with their help before re-entry
  • Keep parents/guardians informed

Site Evacuation

*If further evacuation needed, or are unable to re-enter facility

  • Go to a different facility based on circumstances, most likely this will be Sutherland High school
  • Contact facility and determine if it is safe
  • Secure own facility (shut down utensils, etc) if possible
  • Grab necessary supplies (first aid pack, attendance sheet, emergency contacts) and do a headcount
  • Do attendance again after entering the other facility
  • Notify families of situation and give them information about the host facility
  • Make arrangements for children (supervise), until they are picked up by guardians/emergency contacts or able to return to original facility
  • Call 911 as soon as possible
  • Alert other staff to start lockdown procedures
  • Gather children and staff inside office (most interior room with least windows/hazards), put phones on silent
  • Keep everyone away from windows and doors, choose inner wall
  • Close, lock and cover all windows and doors, barricade the door with desk
  • Speak quietly and calmly so children are not panicked, give them stuffed toys and books to read
  • Remain indoors until further notice from emergency team/the police
  • Have other staff supervise and reassure the other children
  • Search the immediate area
  • Call police if immediate area search has not found child. Have description of child ready
  • Inform the child’s parents
  • Be ready to respond to the media
  • Document the incident and fill out the “Incident Report Form”
  • Notify insurance company
  • Analyze the incident, develop appropriate recommendations and implement these so as not to prevent this in the future